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Structural Engineering & Technical Support

ISI provides complete Structural Engineering and technical support for all of its proprietary Patented products including the Energy Mass™ Wall and the Integral Solar Roof. Working with the owner, architect, project engineer and general contractor, ISI will engineer the wall and/or roof system and prepare plans and structural report for submission and approval by the local building departments. ISI is also available to provide those services as the project engineer if one has not already been selected. ISI is available to provide technical support to the professional team and the general contractor and in most cases, has subcontracted directly with the general contractor to construct the Energy Mass™ wall and/or the Integral Solar Roof. 

Littorai Winery

Architect: Laurence Ferar & Associates 

Structural Engineer: Integrated Structures Inc.

Long Meadow Ranch Winery

Architect: Turnbull Griffin Haesloop

EM Wall Engineer: Integrated Structures Inc.

The Energy Mass wall is a proprietary patented radiantly cooled high mass (75 lbs/sq. ft.), high insulation (R-100) wall system that provides thermal comfort in adverse climates and cold storage solutions for a variety of applications. One application relates to wine barrel storage where a constant, even-temperature environment is desired to store wine and minimize evaporative loss. The radiantly cooled high mass/insulation of the Energy Mass™ wall behaves thermally better than even an underground cave which holds a reliable steady temperature. The Energy Mass™ wall eliminates the drying effects of standard refrigeration systems to keep the “Angels Share” below 1% while simultaneously eliminating the need for fog systems, reducing by 50% the tonnage of the refrigeration system, and saving approximately 60% off the electric bill for space cooling.

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Energy Mass™ Wall construction

Heat transfer 6 AM

Heat transfer 12 PM

Heat transfer 12 AM

Integrated Solar Roof

“Our planet gives us all the energy we need to heat and cool our buildings sustainably, for free 24 hours a day. As architects and engineers, our task is to collect and employ it.” R. Gary Black

Fifty percent of the energy and green-house gases generated in the United States result from heating and cooling our buildings. The Integral Solar Roof is a proprietary patented radiantly activated roof system constructed of two concrete membranes separated by an insulating core. Each membrane contains radiant technology, configured to operate independently.  In a cooling application, the exterior membrane will siphon the 175° plus heat generated by the sun’s rays away from the roof surface while the innermost membrane will cool the interior of the building with chilled water. During the night, the ISR will generate a reservoir of chilled water (for use during the daytime) via “emissive night cooling.” In a heating application, the interior membrane will heat the building’s interior with radiant transfer. This heating system is 80% more energy efficient than standard forced air and much healthier and more comfortable. Because the entire ceiling is a radiant transfer surface the temperatures required are only a few degrees above the comfort level leaving the air cool and the occupants feeling like they are being warmed by the sun on a cool autumn day.  Solar photovoltaic panels can be incorporated into the roof system in a seamless array that is attractive and the power generation made more efficient by keeping the panels cool. 

Integrated Solar Roof construction

Integrated Solar Roof detail

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