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Moose Mountain Vineyards, CA (coming soon)

Energy Mass™ Wall,
Heavy Timber

In the scenic hills of San Martin, California, a visionary 7,000 SF winery, designed in 2023, seamlessly integrates innovation with resilience. Anchored by the Energy Mass™ wall system, it adeptly navigates seismic challenges and a high fire danger zone. Crafted with advanced fire-resistant materials and strategic landscaping, the winery promises to be a stronghold of safety and preservation.

At its core lies a cut and cover cave, tucked into the hillside and constructed with the same Energy Mass™ wall technology. This subterranean sanctuary not only provides natural insulation and stability but also serves as a vital link to the wine production area. Here, the winemaking process unfolds in harmony with nature, guided by tradition yet enhanced by modern technology.

Leveraging the Energy Mass™ system throughout, the winery ensures optimal aging conditions for its premium wines, embodying the essence of California winemaking. Currently undergoing local jurisdiction review, the project is slated to break ground in Fall 2024.

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