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Clark Ferrea Winery, CA

Energy Mass™ Wall,
Concrete Truss
Heavy Timber

Located a few miles south of Manteca along US highway 120, the main route from northern California to Yosemite National Park, lies Zinc House Farms - an organic farm and winery nestled on 40 acres of almond grove. The project, which is scheduled for completion in 2024, encompasses a renovated terracotta block building from the 1920’s, a tasting room located under a 10,000 square foot arbor and its center piece - the Energy Mass™ wall, Clark Ferrea Winery, and barrel storage.

The building is equipped with the latest Energy Mass™ wall technology including, (i) silent efficient radiant cooling embedded in the interior skin of the wall, (ii) low-speed, roof mounted fans to mix the air without reducing its humidity, (iii) a secondary cooling system employing night cooling, and (iv) full automation of the cooling systems.

When outside temperatures climb above 100° F the interior of the Energy Mass™ wall stays rock-steady at the winemaker’s temperature and humidity set points without making a sound, drying the air, or over humidifying the environment which can lead to mold growth. Electrical costs for the cooling should run about 10% of that for a standard insulated metal building. The winery and barrel storage have been in used  since July 2023.

Stay tuned for notification of the grand opening!

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