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Private Residence, CA

Energy Mass™ Wall,
Heavy Timber

In the rugged terrain of the Sierra Foothills in Amador County, a custom home designed to withstand the extreme heat of scorching 110°F days without relying on air conditioning. Employing the Energy Mass™ wall technology alongside custom screens and strategic night flushing techniques, this residence remains cool and comfortable even amidst the sweltering heatwaves. Exposed concrete, board and batt, and heavy timber elements combine to create a rugged yet sophisticated aesthetic that blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings. By harnessing the inherent thermal properties of the Energy Mass™ wall system and leveraging innovative cooling strategies, this home epitomizes sustainable living in challenging environments. As temperatures soar, the residents find solace in the cool, tranquil interiors, knowing that their home is not only a sanctuary of comfort but also a testament to the power of design and technology in harmonizing with nature.

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