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Imagine a building that doesn't burn--even though it is located in one of the worst wildfire areas of California.  Now, imagine the same building, suffering virtually no damage from a maximum credible earthquake in one of the most extreme seismic zones in the world.  While contemplating the first two points, go a step further, and imagine that this building is also sustainable--lasting hundreds of years and requiring little or no energy to heat or cool it. 

The future of home building in California is rapidly changing as all new houses constructed in California beginning in 2020 are mandated, by the climate action law, to be zero net energy (ZNE). According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) buildings consume nearly half (48%) of all the energy produced in the United States, seventy‐five percent of all the electricity and they are responsible for nearly half (45%) of the CO2 emissions. Half of this energy is used for heating and cooling the home.

The Energy Mass™ wall technology is ready for construction of homes in the western states with a dry climate and diurnal temperature swing such as Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and New Mexico.

Integrated Structures recently won a design competition for low income housing sponsored by the Guam Housing Authority.  Using a variant of the Energy Mass™ wall system an affordable, sustainable home was designed with  R-25 walls, radiantly cooling and ten times the strength of the current building paradigm, pre-cast concrete and concrete blocks.  Contact us to find out more.

The Port of Kennewick is in the bidding stages for Phase 1 Winery buildings using the Energy Mass™ wall.  A total of three winery buildings plus the foundations and first eight feet of a fourth will be constructed in the new Columbia Gardens Winery Village project.  The master plan, a project Pattern Language and schematic designs were allprepared by Integrated Structures.

Amador Cellars our first Stawbale winery constructed over a decade ago is breaking ground on an expansion project to double the size of the winery.  The expansion will utilize ISI's Energy Mass™ wall  system. Stay tuned for updates and pictures of construction coming in May. Please contact us and let us know if you would like to part of the wall raising party to check out the construction and kick the tire so to speak.